LED emergency power supply with Ni-Cd battery

This model suits led lighting with external driver,such as LED panel/LED downlight/LED spotlight/LED strip light.The output voltage is from 15v to 100v,it suits most of the led light,especially for tri-proof light &led ceiling light
 The control circuit monitors the mains supply, if the light works as normal,the inverter allows the charger to trickle charge the battery pack in standby mode. In the event of an earthquake, explosion, accident or other emergency which results in the AC power supply to fail, the inverter automatically activates the battery backup system and switches the light on in less than 0.1 second. The system can be set on an emergency running time of 1 /2/ 3 hours depending on different battery packs to meet the requirements under various conditions
Technical Specification
Inner package material Retardant White PC/Metal
Charging power AC85V-AC277V,50HZ/60HZ;
Emergency time 1~3hours
Emergency conversion time Less than 0.1Sec;
Charging time 24h
Emergency output constant current 3W/100mAh
Battery capacity 12V/1000mAh
Emergency output voltage DC15V-100V
Protection Short circult/Over-charge/Over-discharge
Outer metal box Equipped
Inverter dimension 155×40×30mm/153×35×25
Battery dimension 140×49×14mm
Product weight 500g

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